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“The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”  
                                                  S. Gudder

Maths lessons are taught in accordance with Mastery approach to Maths. We use Power maths to teach maths from Reception to Year 6.  In Maths, children will work in a variety of ways; wherever possible combining their maths skills with our whole school learning muscles. This may see children working in a wide range of situations that promote the challenge approach to learning. There will be opportunities for children to learn independently, with a partner or even within a group. By linking our studies to everyday situations, wherever possible, the children are increasing their understanding of the subject, skills to solve problems and knowledge in all areas of mathematics. We also provide opportunities to work in intervention groups to support individuals in their needs within maths.


Maths is needed in everyday life. It is our jobs as professionals to make Maths exciting, engaging and applicable to the real world. In 2019, we embarked on a new journey using the Power Maths programme. 

Maths is an adventure for children (and adults) to be immersed in, get creative with, make mistakes, and conquer!

Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help you nurture confidence in maths.


We encourage children to build on their understanding of numbers using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of numbers to help solidify the children's understanding. 



At Shavington Primary School, we want to offer children a broad curriculum that will challenge, inspire and motivate children to become the best learners that they can be in Mathematics.

Through our Maths sessions, we encourage our children to use the elements of the Beaver through their learning. Using concrete and pictorial strategies, children can use experimentation and methodical working to assist them. This will look different across the school.  EYFS uses targeted questions through imaginative play and outdoor exploration. As children move into Key Stage One, the concrete and pictorial strategies remain but are adapted to abstract learning via reasoning and problem solving. This is then continued into Key Stage Two so that children are developing their life-long learning habits.


Our children are exposed to the Mastery approach of learning and therefore, all being challenged in Maths on a daily basis. This approach to Maths continuously allows access to reasoning and problem solving. They have access to a wide range of concrete, pictorial and abstract resources to use in the classroom during Maths lessons.

The Tortoise teaches us to be reflective in our learning and this is also a key aspect of the Power Maths approach. At the end of each lesson, we evaluate our understanding of what we have learnt and what we have focused on to develop our mathematical thinking. At Shavington, we actively encourage children to work independently and together through our animal “The Ant”. This allows them to support each other in an inter-dependent facility. We do this through team work, collaborative learning across classes and sharing methods and resources in lessons. Children are encouraged to make relevant choices and access the resources they need confidently.


Our children understand the importance of being a Rhino; that making mistakes and getting things wrong help us to learn. The Power Maths approach ensures that children are exposed to a range of different learning styles and techniques. This includes being determined and positive towards problem solving and persevering when it becomes challenging. Through the reflect activities, children need to explain or show their understanding from the lesson, often using specific mathematical terminology. We recognise the importance for children to be able to use and understand mathematical language; therefore, it is displayed in each of the classrooms through the working walls to scaffold their learning.


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