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Mrs Rachael Nicholls   Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Rachael Nicholls


Mrs Julia Gawn   SENCO

Miss Julia Gawn

Deputy Headteacher & SENCO

Teaching Staff

Mrs Sally Earl   Teacher

Mrs Sally Earl

EYFS: Reception EH - EYFS Senior Lead Teacher

Mrs M Hurst - Teacher

Mrs M Hurst

EYFS: Reception EH

Mr L Wakefield - Teacher

Mr L Wakefield

EYFS: Reception W

Mrs helen hunter teacher

Mrs Helen Hunter

KS1: Year 1 HG

Mrs M Smalley - Year 1 HG

Mrs M Smalley

KS1: Year 1 HG

Miss I Wilks - Year 1W

Miss I Wilks

KS1: Year 1W

Mrs wendy bloor teacher

Mrs Wendy Bloor

KS1: Year 2B - KS1 Senior Lead Teacher

Mr J Hazeldine - Year 2H

Mr J Hazeldine

KS1: Year 2H