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At Shavington Primary, we encourage our children to be geographical beavers!


Here at Shavington Primary, geography is taught using many different learning styles and strategies. We encourage the children to explore the world around them, both locally and globally. This is done via fieldwork, research and other practical activities.

Our curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to explore and imagine destinations outside of their lived experience. Linking to British Values, we look at locations of other cultures and allow them to explore the differing landscapes that make up our world. With studies completed on local, national and international level, we are hopeful that all of our pupils leave with a knowledge base that promotes an understanding of the world, and a natural curiosity of other locations.

Across the curriculum, both human and physical topics are covered, looking at the impact we have upon our earth, and the geographical skills we acquire each year as a means for children to be able to present and explain their findings to different audiences.



At Shavington, we follow the National Curriculum programme of study for Geography, with units of work being taught as part of a cross curricular approach that can be integrated into learning across different subject areas.

Using our centralised English scheme of ‘Pathways’, our geography topics link with our class texts allowing our children to ‘travel’ to a multitude of destinations around the globe.

A cycle of lessons, are planned with progression and deeper understanding of the geographical skills covered across each year group. Teachers ensure there are opportunities for children to work practically as a means to illustrate geographical knowledge.

Children are able to question and explore each topic in detail, allowing them to make choices and give reasoning behind their findings. By giving children access to a multitude of resources (eg, iPads and atlas’) it allows them to problem solve and risk take in order to complete a geographical challenge.



Shavington primary endeavour to provide our learners with engaging lessons and that all learners are included in their geographical journey through school.

Class teachers instil a responsible and methodical approach to their high quality geography sessions, ensuring children are engaged and happy in the skill they are covering. They experience a wide range of learning challenges within the subject and know appropriate responses to them, such as informed choices regarding current environmental issues e.g. limiting the use of plastics.

Children of all abilities and backgrounds achieve well in Geography which is reflected through a consistent learning journey and clear progress. We feel that that all of our learners leave us with a good subject knowledge of geography and take this out into the local area and beyond!


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