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Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

At Shavington, we use the Christopher Winter scheme to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). This is a project that we successfully introduced a number of years ago. We have been very happy with how the programme has worked and the feedback from both children and parents has been very positive.

As of September 2020 it has now become mandatory that we teach RSE from reception to year 6.

Each class will take part in at least 3 lessons that are delivered over the course of a week. This is usually done in the summer term and all classes use the same week to deliver these lessons.


Below are the main areas to be covered in each year group: - 


Reception – Caring friendships, being kind and families.

Year 1 - Keeping clean, growing and changing (body parts), families and care.

Year 2 - Differences- boys and girls, male and female, naming the body parts.

Year 3 - Differences- male and female, personal space, family differences.

Year 4 - Growing and changing, body changes and reproduction, what is puberty?

Year 5 - Talking about puberty, male and female changes, puberty and hygiene.

Year 6 - Puberty and reproduction, relationships and reproduction, conception and pregnancy.