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Year 2 Weekly Spellings 

A copy of each week's spellings will be loaded here. 

Each week we will provide the children with spellings to learn. These spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and then practiced in a spelling check the following Monday. We encourage children to learn their spellings in a variety of ways, to suit their learning needs. 



Page Downloads Date  
Next 200 high frequency words 31st Aug 2020 Download
Y1 2 Exception words 31st Aug 2020 Download
Y2 Spellings 21.09.20 22nd Sep 2020 Download
Y2 28.09.20 Spellings 28th Sep 2020 Download
Spellings 05.10.20 05th Oct 2020 Download
First 100 high frequency words 31st Aug 2020 Download
Spellings 12.10.20 12th Oct 2020 Download
Year 2 Spellings 03.11.20 03rd Nov 2020 Download
Spellings 10.11.20 10th Nov 2020 Download
Spellings 16.11.20 16th Nov 2020 Download
Spellings 23.11.20 25th Nov 2020 Download
Spellings 01.12.20 01st Dec 2020 Download