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We believe that homework is a valuable and important part of a child's learning journey. We also believe that it should be purposeful, age appropriate and should be a positive experience between the child and parents. In direct response to the new government guidelines regarding homework we have adapted our homework procedures. We believe we have created a more positive approach towards learning at home, making better links to learning and the new curriculum.

A copy of the topic based homework grid for each class can be found as an attachment on each class page. A date for all topic based homework to be brought into school has been set (please see school calendar) and then a display will be produced. As a celebration all parents are invited to attend a curriculum afternoon where they can celebrate all the children's hard work.

Key Stage 1

All children are encouraged to read a little each evening and record this in their home school diary.
Maths tasks may be set as and when directed either through activities linked to the class page of the website or through "my maths" (children have their own personal log in). When these tasks are set they will be recorded in children's home school diaries.
Year 1 and 2 also have additional spelling work in line with the new National Curriculum Spelling lists.

Key Stage 2

Spellings, grammar and punctuation are a specific part of the objectives children have to be taught within the English curriculum. The national curriculum sets specific spellings for each year group. All children in KS2 will be given spelings to learn every Monday. Teachers will use their specific year group lists as directed from the National curriculum but may also include spellings from High frequency lists, topic based words and words with specific patterns. It may be apporopriate to give some children different spelling based on their level of understanding and need. The children will be asked to learn their spellings/patterns for the following Monday where they will be checked and new spellings given.

We also encourage our KS2 children to continue with their reading and to record their reading in their home school diary as in KS1.  In KS2 reading may take a slightly different focus at home with children reading more independently but we would still encourage shared reading opportunities and lots of dicsussion around books. 

KS2 may also be asked to complete maths tasks again this may take the form of an electronic game through their year group website or using their "my maths" log ins at home. These tasks will be set by the class teacher and children will record them in their diary with the relevant details.

KS2 may also be asked to complete a piece of French homework given and marked by Madame Sharpe.

All children are provided with a home school diary. This is an excellent way to encourage communication between home and school. The diary provides space for parents, children, teachers and teaching assistants to comment on the progress of the child and also to use as an aid to good communications. As the children move through the school the children become more independent in recording their own homework tasks and using the diary to support their learning.

As a reward for their homework children will be awarded a raffle ticket then at the end of each half term one member from each class has the opportunity to win a small prize if their raffle ticket is lucky enough to be drawn out.