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Year 6B


Welcome to Year 6B, and your final year with us here at Shavington Primary! We are so excited to get started on the year, and make it your best one yet. 

Your Teacher in 6B is Mrs Banfield

Your Teaching Assistants in 6B are Mrs Chapman, Mrs McGregor and Mr Jones.





For our writing text, we will be exploring the text 'The Selfish Giant' by Oscar Wilde. We will be looking at creating a classic narrative. Our mastery key focus this half term will be: 

* Distinguish between the language of speech and writing

* Recognise vocabulary and structures for formal speech and writing, including subjunctive forms.

* Use passive verbs

* ​Use semi-colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses. 

Book cover

In guided reading, our focus text is 'Windrush Child' by Benjamin Zephaniah. We will also be exploring a variety of shorted texts using the Reading VIPERS principle, to aid with preparation for our assessments looking at the varying question types and techniques to answer these. 

GR Bool


This half term in maths we will be beginning with the measurement unit looking at metric and imperial conversions. We will then be following this with decimals, percentages, measure (perimeter, area and volume), ratio & proportion and finally algebra. 


Topic and Science

We will be following up on our winter home/school enrichment offer by covering the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, and looking at the experiences, as well as comparing locations associated with this period of history. In Science, we will be looking at Animals Including Humans, with a focus on the circulatory system, and recognising the impact of diet and exercise and the way our bodies function. 


PE Days

Our PE sessions are on TUESDAY and THURSDAY afternoons. Please ensure you come in your kit ready on these days. 


Trips & Experiences


Staffordshire Regiment Museum

Here are a selection of photos from our trip to Staffordshire Regiment Museum wher we got to experience air raid shelters, weapons and other artefacts from the war. 

IMG 1203IMG 1205IMG 1216IMG 1218IMG 1223IMG 1225IMG 1246IMG 1255IMG 1281IMG 1290IMG 1293IMG 1295IMG 1323IMG 1342IMG 1344

Conductive Music Workshop

We were really lucky to have a visit from Conductive Music UK who showed us how we could use computer programming to create pieces of music. 

IMG 1404IMG 1405IMG 1406IMG 1409IMG 1412IMG 1414

Chemistry with Cabbage

We took part in a 'Chemistry with cabbage' workshop. We made our own indicators and then tested different liquids to see if they were acidic, neutral or alkali. We then used our indicators to help us with some other various experiments. We used everyday ingredients from around the house too. 

IMG 1473IMG 1475IMG 1478IMG 1479IMG 1482IMG 1481IMG 1469IMG 1470IMG 1471


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