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Useful websites

Website support for learning times tables. This website has lots of resources on to help you with learning your times tables. You can print off different resources, practice your times tables scores on timed and competitive games and focus on the ones you find tricky! The Year 4 objective is to learn times tables up to 12 x 12 and they are a key part of your maths curriculum.

Dictionary Online for children 

Growth Mindset activities

Maths games

Beatbox Times Tables    




Games to help with Time (telling the time; o'clock, quarter past/to, half past) (telling the time in 5 minute intervals) (a selection of time games including; telling the time in 15 minute intervals, 5 minute intervals and also matching analogue and digital times) (expanded subtraction) (expanded subtraction) (column expanded subtraction) (expanded addition) (number bonds and more)   (x tables) (X tables racing car game) (adding 9 by adding 10 first the taking 1 away) 
(x tables/division/number bonds/doubles)  (100 square)  (finding the difference by counting on)

English games (games for spelling, reading and writing)  (Sentence play- lab game and dropping in)

Science games (Great games and quizes for all aspects of science)

Paleontologist Game