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For our nursery pupils, we have mapped out a skills progression for early mathematics. The aim of our overview is to ensure pupils acquire the core mathematical knowledge that will allow them to start to experience success, and therefore begin to associate maths with enjoyment and motivation.

Books and songs play a key role in our delivery of maths offer. To ensure our mapping is focused for early years, we have used The Learning Trajectories to map out specific maths skills. The Learning Trajectories ensures that we have taken into account developmental progression in learning and, although we these mapped out, we also take a personalised approach and link maths to children's interests and needs.

For more information about Learning Trajectories, you can sign up for your own account via the following link:

What will I be learning this year?

The image below shows the key skills we will look at. For more detail on this, open the overview document at the bottom of this page.


How will I be assessed?

  • Ongoing observations 

Which websites will support my learning?



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