Useful website links/games


(Spy Kids)

Crime and Punishment

Anglo Saxon




Research - What is a spy?

STEM Investigation - Crime Scene

(We all live in a Yellow Submarine)

Geography (Major Oceans and Seas of the world)


English (persuasive debate)


Guided Reading


Art/D&T/ICT Links - Deep Sea Creatures

Biography links - Jacques Cousteau


(Times Tables) 

Who is Boudicca?


Life as a Roman Soldier

Roman Research Links

Maths games

Beatbox Times Tables    


Games to help with Time (telling the time; o'clock, quarter past/to, half past) (telling the time in 5 minute intervals) (a selection of time games including; telling the time in 15 minute intervals, 5 minute intervals and also matching analogue and digital times) (expanded subtraction) (expanded subtraction) (column expanded subtraction) (expanded addition) (number bonds and more)   (x tables) (X tables racing car game) (adding 9 by adding 10 first the taking 1 away) 
(x tables/division/number bonds/doubles)  (100 square)  (finding the difference by counting on)

Literacy games (great for working on spellings) (games for spelling, reading and writing)  (Sentence play- lab game and dropping in)

Science games (Great games and quizes for all aspects of science)

Paleontologist Game




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