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Week beginning 6th March 2017
Back again after half term! Last week we had pancake day and world book day - what a busy week! We put toppings on our own pancakes and took part in the school's pancake races! We also drew our favourite stories for World Book Day - see our display in the Nursery/Preschool entrance. This week we're heading off to Wonderland! We've started by making our own jam tarts, we even managed to make our own pastry!! 
Week beginning 13th February 2017
We have done some brilliant things in February! Check out our beanstalks, the children planted them and have loved watching them grow. We also had another Stay and Play - a lot of parents and family members were able to come and it was lovely to share our classroom with you. The next one is on the 10th March, we hope you can come. We spent a lot of time this month up on the field, finding cones and sticks to paint. We got very messy so thank you to everyone who sent wellies in to wear!
We spent the last week before half term making up our own stories using story dice. Please check tapestry to see the stories, they were very funny and involved Ninja turtles and mermaids named Wallace! We also made some yummy cakes for valentines day.

Week beginning 23rd January 2017
Chinese new year! We've tried Chinese food, played in our Chinese restaurant, used chopsticks and learned the story of the Chinese Zodiac animals. We've been really creative, we made dragon dance pictures and we even made a class dragon that we danced down to preschool.
Week beginning 16th January 2017
This week we went under the sea. We learnt the story of the little mermaid. We built our own pretend submarine and did a deep sea dive - looking for sharks, fish, coral and other divers. We painted our own fish - making an under the sea display on the wall by our pegs.
Week beginning 9th January 2017
This week Frozen came to our Nursery class! Elsa froze some sunglasses and we found out how ice melts. We've had so much fun playing with the characters from Frozen and playing in the ice castle. 

Week beginning 12th December 2016
This week was our last full week before the Christmas holidays. We did our class nativity, the children were amazing and we had so many family members come to watch us. Well done to all the children we are very proud. We have our Christmas party on Monday, with a special visitor... Have a lovely Christmas! Happy holidays to you all. 

Week beginning 5th December 2016
This week we've been dressing up in all our Christmas costumes. We've practiced our nativity songs, we're getting really good at remembering the words, and we've been making headbands for the performance. We had our Stay and Play, thank you to all the family members who were able to join us. Please see the wall outside our classroom for our Stay and Play dates (or the website's calendar). 

Week beginning 28th November 2016
This week Christmas has arrived at Shavington! We have Santa's grotto, Christmas post office, Santa's workshop and much more. We've been making our special gifts for home and learning all sorts of Winter traditions!

Week beginning 21st November 2016
This week we've been learning about animals. We've talked about our pets from home and we've been on a safari! We learned about what different animals do in winter and how some animals are night animals. We've taken our Next Steps home, these are just some things we are currently working on that link to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. As always, we welcome that support from home. As well, we've put some sheets out in the entrance to Nursery. They are a selection of sheets on scissor skills, pencil control, numbers, etc. They are not compulsory but some children like to take 'work' home and you are welcome to choose one to do with your child/ren. 

Week beginning 14th November 2016
This week was National Anti Bullying week. To bring this into the classroom, we've focused on being good, kind friends. We've talked about using kind hands, understanding that not everyone wants a hug, sharing and looking after our friends. Also, a big thank you to everyone who took part for our Spotacular! We went on a big walk around the playground (our Nursery style version of the Big Walk the rest of the school did!) and wore spotty clothing. We raised a lot of money thanks to your generosity and we are very grateful.

Week beginning 7th November 2016
This week was Nursery Rhyme week! We've had such a fun week. We figured out how many blocks we needed to make a wall tall enough to crack humpty dumpty. We also sang different versions of baa baa black sheep, incy wincy spider and We learned a new song about Tiny Tim the Turtle. Our paintings this week were super, look out for them in the corridor!

Week beginning 3rd October 2016
This week we've been using our senses. We have made marks in shaving foam, tried lemons and dark chocolate, played and listened to instruments, sniffed our new smelling jars and examined shiny foil objects. We have a brand new beauty salon and we've had some beautiful hairdos! Also, Kirsty made us some chocolate scented playdough so there's been even more cakes made! We did some fingerpainting bugs and made insects out of salt dough to paint next week. As always, it's been a busy week in Nursery but we've had a good time. 

Week beginning 19th September 2016
Over the last two weeks we've had a lot of fun. We celebrated birthdays, making a party hut and endless playdough cakes! We've made our own cakes as well, which are being decorated and sent home this week. Last week we met our new friend Spencer Bear who may be coming home with you over the year for a visit! He's hoping to have an adventure with every child in the class, although he may need to bring a friend in to help him visit all the children, as we have so many! 

We've now created a shoe shop and a vets to play in, we also got the tools out today to hammer in some shapes. Outside we've made a basketball hoop, a track to walk on and a den to read our books in. 

Week beginning 5th September 2016
Welcome to our Nursery class and the start of a new year! This week has been really exciting meeting new people and exploring our new classroom. We've been painting pictures of our faces, inventing new imaginary games with big cardboard boxes and eating snack outside! All the children have done so well this week, trying different things and making new friends. 

Week beginning 18th July 2016

We have had a lovely morning altogether. We played parachute games on the field pretending to be sharks biting each other under the parachute or eagles catching mice on top of it.

We had a lady called Lyndsey come in to show us some wild animals. She told us what each animal was called, how old it was and how to look after it. We could stroke or hold them if we wanted to. Some of us were very brave and stroked a Chilean Rose Tarantula and held a Royal Python. 

We did some wacky races on the field and then had a picnic lunch in the sunshine. It was wonderful morning and a nice way to end the year. Have a great summer.

Week beginning 20th June 2016

We are still learning about dinosaurs! Last week we learnt that paleontologists dig up bones to learn about dinosaurs and this week we have learnt what fossils are. We used our senses to carefully observe some fossils and describe what we saw.  We have made our own salt dough fossils to take home and show our  families. 

In the garden we noticed that our dinosaur eggs are hatching and we can see some legs, tails and spikes through the cracks in the shells. We wonder what they will look like next week? We also noticed this week that our tadpoles, that we have been looking after since they were frog spawn, have grown legs and one has turned into a tiny frog! We have been doing some very good observing of the world around us this week.

Week beginning 6th June 2016

We have started to learn about dinosaurs in Nursery and the children have already shown us how much they know about t-rex, pterodactyls and triceratops. We have made a dinosaur museum role play area where the children have been looking at bones, fossils and model dinosaurs. 

We we have used chalk and ear buds to make representations of dinosaur skeletons and talked about the bones inside our bodies. We looked at the tools paleontologists use and had a go at excavating some model dinosaurs from blocks of plaster and then some white chocolate chips from cookies. Miss Wilks showed us how big a triceratops footprint would have been and we counted that we could fit 17 of our feet inside it!

Week beginning 16th May 2016

Nursery have been reading the story Rumble in the Jungle and learning about the animals you might see in the jungle or on safari. We have looked at lions, gorillas, zebras, giraffes and elephants. We played a really fun game describing an animal and giving clues for our friends to guess which animal we were talking about.

We have been practicing our cutting out skills by remembering to hold the scissors in one hand and keeping our thumbs facing upwards.  If you have any small scissors it would be great if you could practice at home.  Perhaps you could let them cut pictures from a magazine to stick together and make a picture. We have also been playing in the new safari role play area and having a go at moving around like different animals.


Week beginning 2nd May 2016

We have continued to learn about creatures that live under the sea - stingrays, whales, dolphins, sharks, and tropical fish.  We have made an under sea cave role play area and have been pretending to catch rock pool animals in the water tray. We have used wax crayons and ink washes to make some beautfiul rock pool pictures and have been making jelly fish and octopus with junk modelling.

We have read the story on The Rainbow Fish and have talked about how it important it is to share, to be a kind friend and to include each other in our games. The Rainbow Fish even sent us a letter and some shiny rainbow scales to put on our class reward chart whenever we share and are kind to our friends. We have earnt lots of shiny scales so far!


Week beginning 11th April 2016

Nursery class have begun their new theme of Creatures by looking at frogspawn and tadpoles. They have been fascinated by how the tadpoles grow, hatch out of their jelly eggs and turn into frogs. They have shown their understanding of the changes through dance, painting and making models with play dough.

We have a new role play area where we can pretend to be scientists looking at and learning about mini beasts. The children also noticed that there are some water snails in the tank with the tadpoles and so next week want to learn what other animals live in ponds. We will visit our newly renovated pond area to go dipping for water creatures.


Week beginning 21st March 2016

We have been busy learning about Easter this week in Nursery. We have heard the traditional Easter story and talked about how we might celebrate Easter with our families. Many of us receive chocolate Easter eggs from our friends and families, some of us go on Easter egg hunts and some of us got to church.

We all tried toasted hot cross buns at snack time and talked about why they had a cross pipied on top. Most of us  liked the hot cross buns, especially with lots of butter on. Kirsty treated us to some hot cross bun flavoured popcorn which was delicious.

Lots of us made Easter Bonnets for the competition. We paraded them into the hall and displayed them for the judges to see. All the bonnets were amazing and the judges had a hard time choosing their favourites, but our winners were Sadie, Ollie and Sammy. Well done!


Week beginning 29th February 2016

This week Nursery have been making the animals from the story What The Ladybird Heard from boxes, paper plates, play dough etc. We have been making giant maps of farmyards and using positional language to make the ladybird fly around - "fly forward and then go around the farmhouse. Fly past the pig sty and don't fall in the pond." 

We have drawn maps and role played in the farmhouse. We've been pretending to telephone the police to tell them about Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len. We've  been building farms from duplo and been playing with the plastic farm animals.


Week beginning 8th February 2016

We have continued our learning about The Room on the Broom by making potions and a giant red dragon. The children have also become interested in people who help us - firemen, policemen, doctors and mechanics and have enjoyed making and roleplaying with fire engine, police cars and car washes. 

We took time out this week to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We talked about how we celebrate in our families and what our favourite pancake toppings are.  Everyone had a go at filling and rolling our packs before tasting them. Yum!


Week beginning 25th January 2016

This week we have been reading the story The Stickman by Julia Donaldson and have started to learn a song about him. We went on a walk to the orchard to look for stickman, when we found him we used him to draw and write in the mud before putting him back in his family tree.

We looked carefully at the illustrations and talked about how the Stickman might be feeling at different parts of the story. We played with the emotion puppets and talked about what makes us feel happy, sad, frightened and upset.

We collaged the Stickman and drew pictures of his family tree. We were also very excited to have some stick insect eggs that we hope will hatch into insects.


Week beginning 11th January 2016

This week we have have been continued to enjoy the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We have drawn and painted the main characters from the story and used masks to act it out in our Gruffalo cave. We have combined pegs, counters and other materials with play dough to make mini Gruffalo's with orange eyes, terrible tusks and purple prickles. We've described what the Gruffalo looks like using full senescence and started to talk how scary he actually is.

We have learnt how to keep ourselves safe when cooking by making Gruffalo Crumble. We know that we need to wash our hands, put on our aprons and chop carefully with the knives keeping our fingers out of the way. Gruffalo crumble was delicious!


Week beginning 7th December 2015

This week Nursery have been busy making Chrismas cards, practicing the songs and dances for our nativity and talking about Santa.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas party. Some of us came in our best party clothes and did some fabulous dancing. We had some yummy food, played party games and then had a special visitors with a sack full of presents and a song for us about what happened to him last Chrismas Eve when he got stuck in the chimney!


Week beginning 23rd November 2015

The children in nursery have been fascinated by the weather recently, so this week we have based our learning around what we can see and feel in the sky. We have learnt that clouds are made from water and that fog is clouds that come all the way to the floor.  We have painted pictures of rainbows and found out what happens when we mix different colours together. We particularly enjoyed adding powdered paint to water and watching it change. Oliver said "Wow! That's magic!" As the red paint turned the yellow into orange.


Week beginning 9th November 2015

Nursery Class have been continuing their learning on fireworks: we have created firework dances, glittery junk model rockets and chocolate sparklers made from bread sticks, sprinkles and popping candy. We have put all of our paintings, pictures, photographs and models together to make a magnificent Bonfire Night display in the classroom.

We have learnt that we have fireworks to celebrate Bonfire Night and that some people have fireworks to celebrate Diwali. We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made little clay diva lamps.


Week beginning 2nd November 2015

This week we have been learning how and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have looked at photogaphs and videos of bonfires and fireworks and talked about our own experiences of going to firework displays with our families. We decided to make our own bonfire from sticks and branches we found. The children very sensibly said that we should only have pretend flames as we didn't want to burn ourselves. Have a look at the photographs of our bonfire.


Week beginning 5th October 2015

The children in nursery have been enjoying the story of The Little Red Hen as we continue our learning about the celebration of harvest. We all listened very carefully and pretended to be the farmyard animals stomping around shouting "Not I!" when the Little Red Hen asked us to help plant the seeds or harvest the wheat. Some of us chose to retell the story when we played with the model farm or when looking through the book

We looked at photographs and videos of combine harvesters and windmills and have learnt about how wheat grows, is harvested and turned into flour. We felt some wheat and some flour and couldn't believe that the spiky scratchy wheat was turned into soft dusty flour. We then used the flour to make bread. We washed our hands, mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough. When the bread came out of the oven is smelt lovely and was vey delicious!



Week beginning 21st September 2015

This week we celebrated Ickity Tickety's Birthday with decorations, cards, presents, party food and we even made a cake. We decided that it should have purple icing and 4 candles.


Week Beginning 14th September 2015

 The children in Nursery have been talking about how they celebrate birthdays in their families. We have talked about cakes and practiced singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles. We have made birthday cards for our teddy Ickity Tickity by drawing and collaging pictures and have made lots of play dough cakes and held lots of pretend birthday parties in our role play area.



Week Beginning 7th September 2015

We've had our first full week in nursery and have settled very well. We have learnt where to hang up our coats and bags, how to self register, where we have snack and how to sit nicely to sing our morning Hello song.

We have begun to learn what all the areas of our indoor and outdoor classroom are called and all of the different activities we can do at nursery.  Everyday we have lots of time to 'Get Busy' where we can choose where we play and what to do. Here are some photos of us getting busy!


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