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Our first PE sessions, by Mr Wakefield

A musician Afternoon, by Miss Chapman

Modge's adventure , by Mr Hazeldine

Football match vs Millfields, by Mr Hazeldine

Grammar Time, by Mr Jordan

The Digestive System, by Mr Jordan

Welcome Back!, by Miss Simms

The Human Digestive System, by Miss Chapman

Year 6 - First week back, by Miss Brock

4C Construction Work, by Miss Chapman

Cave Painting Afternoon!, by Miss Chapman

Year 6 Leavers, by Miss Brock

Year 3 Class Assembly, by Miss Chapman

Sports Day, by Mrs Hurst

Trip to Crewe LPU, by Miss Brock

Coding, by Mr Hazeldine

Sports day, by Mrs Rivers

Sports Day!, by Miss Simms

Whitemoor Lakes Day 2, by Miss Spencer

Whitemoor Lakes Day 1, by Miss Spencer

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