Year 5 Week beginning 25.09.2017

Date: 3rd Oct 2017 @ 7:17pm

This week in year 5, we have continued building our knowledge of place value in our maths lessons. We have been pushing ourselves to work with larger numbers reaching up into the 100,000s. We have learnt even more ways to represent numbers such as part-part whole models and bar models. We are all working hard to complete the problem solving questions in maths, this allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the maths involved.

In English, we have moved onto chapter 2 in our class text ‘Friend or Foe.’ We completed comprehension questions together as a class to make sure we all understood the story so far. A new character has arrived in our story, his name is Mr Reynolds. Mr Reynolds has taken our two main characters David and Tucky to live on his farm, whilst they are evacuated in Devon. Our genre of writing for this week is ‘Character Description’ and we have started to collect words and evidence to describe our new character. In one of our English lessons, we did an experiment to show the power of description . As a class, we all looked at a picture of a character and wrote sentences about it. We then  told Miss Hulse our sentences (she hadn’t seen the picture) and sent her to draw what she thought our character looked like. The experiment was successful! The picture looked just like ours! Our SPaG focus for this week and next is relative clauses .

 In P.E. we have continued to build on our team sport skills and enjoyed some very good games of tag rugby.
In topic, we have looked at the axis and allies of WW2. We were able to locate the different countries, we labelled them and coloured them blue if they were one of the allies or red is they we one of the axis countries. It made us realise just how many countries were involved in the war, we definitely understand why it was called a World War!

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