Year 5 week beginning 02.10.2017

Date: 9th Oct 2017 @ 9:15am

This week in year 5, we have consolidated our knowledge of place
value in our maths lessons working with numbers up to 1,000,000.

Part of our focus has been negative numbers and we have used Cap-
tain Conjecture traveling in a lift to help us to understand counting in

powers of ten beyond 0. We are now moving on from place value to
addition and subtraction in maths.
In English, we have been looking at describing a character. We looked

at two different types of character description, indirect characterisa-
tion and direct characterisation. We all agreed that indirect characteri-
sation was better because it allowed the reader to create their own

image of the character and we had a go at writing some of our own
sentences in this style. Using our new knowledge, we are describing a
character from our class text, most of us are describing Mr Reynolds
but some have decided to describe another character within the book.

Our SPaG focus for this week is relative clauses, we have been prac-
tising to write them and add them into our character description.

In topic, we have looked at the Blitz. We were able to research using
the i-Pads and gather lots of information about it. We understand why
Hitler was targeting certain areas of Britain and we were surprised to
hear that Crewe lost 17 men during an air raid on Rolls Royce.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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