Week beginning Tuesday 31st October 2017

Date: 7th Nov 2017 @ 3:27pm

We have had fantastic week learning all about Bonfire Night!  The week started with Mrs Earl and the children re-enacting the story of Guy Fawkes so that the children had a good understanding of why we celebrate Bonfire night.  The children really enjoyed this activity and found it very funny as Mrs Earl had dressed up as Guy Fawkes, complete with a drawn on moustache!  

The children watched lots of firework displays on Youtube and they listened really carefully for the different sounds that the fireworks made - fizz, pop, whizz, bang, whoosh, crackle.  The children used a digital paint program on the CTouch board to create their own versions of fireworks, they were very colourful!  Then, as a whole group we segmented the sound words and spelt them underneath each firework picture.  The children continued with this activity during their 'Choosing Time' but they also used the IPads as well as the CTouch board.  

The children painted some amazing pictures of firework using mixed media such as toilet roll tubes and bright paint - they were really effective and we have put some up for display in the classroom.  We also used PVA glue to make swirly firework patterns and then sprinkled different coloured glitter over the glue.  

The children enjoyed the 'Bonfire Cafe' in our outdoor learning area and enjoyed pretending to be customers and shop keepers selling hot dogs and toffee apples.  They enjoyed writing/copying words on the ground with chalk and drawing train tracks for the trains to play on.


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