Week beginning Monday 6th November 2017

Date: 7th Nov 2017 @ 3:41pm

Our focus this week was construction sites and construction vehicles.  Fortunately for us our school is having an extension so we didn't have to look very far to learn about all things construction.

We started the week by taking the children on a walk around the school grounds.  On this walk we were looking at the construction site and the things we find on a construction site.  We learnt that every construction site has important rules to follow, such as, wearing a helmet, a hi-vis jacket and steel capped boots.  We learnt the names of the construction vehicles used and we saw a real-life bulldozer, excavator and dump truck.  The children talked about the importance of having a fence and warning signs around the construction site. 

In Literacy, we continued with the theme construction and read a beautiful story called 'Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site' which is all about the vehicles we find on a construction site.  The story helped us to recognise and name a variety of vehicles, even Mrs Glover learnt something new this week!  We used the story to help us to develop a deeper understanding of how a story is structured and we asked the questions: Where is the story set? When is the story set? Who is in the story? What happens in the story? How does the story end?

In Maths, the children have been finding one more than a number up to 10.  They have practised this by adding one more cube to a pot of cubes and re-counting.  They have even started to use number lines and practised hopping to the next number.

The children have produced some wonderful paintings of construction vehicles this week using yellow, black and brown paint.  The children's paintings were better than the examples the teachers did.  

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