Week beginning Monday 2nd October 2017

Date: 3rd Oct 2017 @ 2:57pm

Our focus this week is Autumn and the Harvest Festival.  All of the activities within the classroom have an autumnal theme and focus.  In the Messy Play Area, the children have been searching through leaves to find the hiding (salt dough) hedgehogs and acorns.  Once the children find a hedgehog or acorn from the leaves they have the challenge of recognising the numbers on them.  We have been making autumn leaves on the play dough table out of orange scented play dough, only using play dough, leaves, rolling pins and cutters.  On Monday we made our very own leaf crowns, we had to use our scissor skills to cut out the tricky leaf shapes and then glue them onto a headband.  Mrs Glover made one first but the children definitely made better crowns than Mrs Glover's.  The painting easel has paper with tree outlines and autumnal colours such as brown, orange, yellow and red.  The children's task is to create an autumnal tree.  

The Small Play Area has been transformed into a farmyard, complete with real radishes, sprouts and potatoes.  The children can use the small world farm to help them to tell/retell stories about Harvest.  At the beginning of the week the children were introduced to the Harvest song they will be singing at our school Harvest celebration.

We have read 'The Enormous Turnip' in Literacy and enjoyed ordering the story.  The children enjoyed the story and enjoyed joining in with the repeated phrases.  Later in the week the children will use character masks to retell the story.

In Maths, the children have pretended to go camping!  Whilst they have been camping they have been practising counting irregual arrangements of objects up to and beyond 10.  They have been counting sausages on the campfire, marshmallows and tents in the field.  The children practised touching or moving the objects as they counted them, this makes it a lot easier to count objects correctly.  

The Outdoor Learning Area is now open and the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning outside.  This week the children have been practising their counting through the song 'Ten Green Bottles'.  The blog and the website will be updated with some outdoor learning photos later this week.

Reading groups have also started this week so this means that your child will have a designated day where they will read individually with the teacher.  The children will have their books changed weekly.



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