Week Beginning 27th March 2017

Date: 23rd Apr 2017 @ 4:29pm

Week Beginning 27th March 

The Easter celebrations have begun early in Reception!

This week we have been learning about why some people celebrate Easter by reading the Easter story and have been discussing the different ways people celebrate Easter. The children confidently shared how they celebrate Easter at home and particularly enjoyed talking about Easter Eggs! 

All this talking about chocolate led us to trying different types of chocolate in Literacy. We then had to decide which chocolate we liked the most and why. We thought of and wrote some fabulous sentences that incuded the word 'because': 'I love Kinder Eggs because they are yummmy scrummy in my tummy.' 'I love maltesers because they are crunchy.' 'I love Kinder Eggs because they are my favourite.' We have also been showing off our Maths skills this week. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and look forward to seeing you all when we return.



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