Mad Science Day 2017

Date: 14th Mar 2017 @ 6:33pm

We have had a fantastic day being mad scientists in Year One and everyone looked amazing.  During Mad Science Day we investigated a variety of materials to fix Mrs Glover's umbrellas.  We had to predict the best material to fix the umbrellas, the materials we used were tin foil, a cloth, kitchen roll and a bin bag.  We had a class vote before we tested the fixed umbrellas and half of the class predicted the tin foil would be the best and the other half voted for the bin bag.  After that we went outside and tested the umbrellas.  Some brave children volunteered to stand underneath the umbrellas to see if the new materials were waterproof - we had so much fun! We found that the best material to fix the umbrella was the bin bag.  The tin foil did not let any water through but we did not think that the tin foil was strong enough for a windy day.  In the afternoon we worked with a partner to create a habitat for either a frog, worm, ant or mouse.  We all worked together really well and created fantastic habitats.

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