Assembly with South Cheshire college

Date: 24th Oct 2017 @ 7:32pm

Some students from South Cheshire college visited the Key Stage 1 classes today to perform a short play during our assembly time.  The assembly followed our topic theme of "Grand Designs".  The play was about the three little pigs and Doctor Who!  In this version of the tale, the pigs made houses of mud, sticks and straw but the Big Bad Wolf was able to blow them all down.  Doctor Who came to the rescue and he took the pigs for a ride in his Tardis to Victorian London.  The pigs learned all about bricks and cement, so that when they returned home again they were able to construct a very sturdy house that the Wolf could not blow down.  Mrs Rivers was also invited to join the Doctor in his Tardis.  She is considering retiring from teaching and becoming the Doctors new assistant!  The students are returning to Shavington Primary school next year to run drama workshops with year 1.  We can't wait!

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