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Year 1HB

                       Welcome to 1HB! 

This year your teachers will be Mrs Hunter ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

        Mrs Barber (Thursday and Friday)

Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Kerr.


       Our Learning in the Autumn Term

                  Lost and Found: Oliver Jeffers : Jeffers, Oliver, Jeffers, Oliver: Books


 This half term will be reading 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.



PE In year 1 children are required to participate in 2 hours of physical exercise each week. Our PE days this half term are Mondays and Fridays. Please send your child to school in their PE kit on these days. For uniform guidelines see the main website.

Coats Even in good weather, please send your child's coat in. It may simply hang on the pegs BUT in the event of a weather change, it means your child can keep warm and dry.

Water bottles - Please send in a water bottle for your child each day. Please ensure that your child's bottle is filled with water and not juice. Juice is acceptable in packed lunches but we do not allow children to have juice readily available in their bottles to drink throughout the day. If there is a medical reason why your child is unable to drink water, please speak to a member of the team.

Bookbags -  Please bring in books/bookbags every day and these are kept in your child's drawer. We aim to hear your child read their books weekly alongside reading as part of their curriculum. In your child's bookbag you will find that there will be one reading for pleasure book. This is to develop a love of reading. There will also be one phonetic text book. This is to develop reading skills and knowledge of their phonics sounds needed to be a good reader.

The year 1 team will change your child's book on a Friday so that you have new books to read over the weekend. Should you feel that your child has exhausted their reading for pleasure text and they can confidently answer questions about the story, we will check/swap the text at our earliest convenience but please be patient as we are busy teaching lessons and helping the children all day and it can be tricky on some days! There are also lots of other ways that you can support and develop your child's reading at home such as; taking a trip to the library, accessing reading materials and games online, reading to your child, playing reading games whilst out and about and asking your child to find things in books (titles, full stops/punctuation, capital letters, tricky words etc).


Learning Intentions:

Here is an overview of the learning that will take place this term!!

Autumn 1


Seasonal changes & Materials

Design Technology

Designing & making a healthy wrap



Greetings, colours & numbers


Mondays & Fridays – Please wear PE kit


Pip the Penguin gets lost in our school - Understanding maps


What does the Bible say God is like?

Why did Jesus tell the lost Parables?


We are treasure hunters


Tell me a story - To compose a piece of music based on a fairy tale and notate using a storyboard.


Fairytale Art & Studying a famous artist

Personal Development

No Outsiders - Elmer the Elephant & Anti-bullying

Autumn 2


Materials & Seasonal changes


How stories have changed over time



Bonfire night & Christmas


Mondays & Fridays – Please wear PE kit


Pip the Penguin gets lost in our school - Understanding maps


Harvest & Christmas


We are TV chefs


To explore long & short sounds & compose a piece of firework music

Design Technology

Building structures

Personal Development



Spellings & Word Recognition

Here are the Year 1 common exception and high frequency words. Common exception words often do not always sound and look the same, meaning they are difficult to 'sound out'. High-frequency words are those words which are met frequently within the texts your child will experience in Year 1.


This is a list of  words that we would like our children to learn whilst in Year 1.

Feel free to practise these at home in any way you want but here are some examples:
- Use chalks in the garden
- Use water and paintbrushes outside
- On a steamy shower panel whilst keeping clean!
- Type into a word document
- Use special pens/pencils
- Write onto leaves.



Phonics is taught daily in year 1. Phonics aims to enrich your child's vocabulary and enable them to spell and read words; as well as developing their writing.

As a school we follow the Floppy's Phonics scheme, however, here are some free digital flashcards for you to practise with your child.

Please note: not all of our scheme's sounds are on here but there are lots to practise!! 




Another useful website to enjoy:



We follow the Power Maths scheme in our maths lessons. Each lesson follows a teaching sequence made up of number revision, new learning, applying what we have learnt, attempting a challenge and finally, reflecting upon our work. 

For more information visit 


Useful websites & Educational Learning Platforms



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