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 LINKS (Learn Individual New Key Skills)

We are very fortunate to operate LINKS groups. These are small groups of children (from both key stages) who work together with adult support. LINKS stands for Learn, Individual, New, Key Skills. The LINKS groups meet regularly in a timetabled slot. We operate a variety of LINKS groups each of these groups has a different specific focus. The focus varies depending on the need of the individuals. We have a range of focused groups who work on gross and fine motor skills, speech and language, handwriting, social skills, friendship skills and much much more. The children are encouraged to develop their social skills through cooperation and interaction with their peers and adults in appropriate ways. The children will be motivated and encouraged to take pride in their work and achievements and to celebrate all that is positive. During these sessions children will be engaged in a range of activities that will strengthen and support a range of key skills for learning and for life.

We are now offering morning sessions in the LINKS room to Key Stage 2 children. The children are working on the same Literacy and Numeracy focus as their peers but are given the opportunity to work in smaller groups thus allowing more tailored support.


We also provide an indoor lunchtime club every lunchtime. This club is for children who find lunchtime difficult. This could be for any number of reasons including difficulties with social situations, friendship difficulties or maybe even just because they'd refer to play indoor games. The club can be accessed by any child in any class who needs or wants to access it.